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Melted Mozzarella Meatballs

Updated: May 28, 2020

Who doesn't love something that has mozzarella oozing out of it in multiple places? Exactly. These meatballs are made the standard way (by my standard...) and stuffed with BASIL and MOZZARELLA. Served with spicy marinara sauce (Arrabiata) and in this version, fresh linguine, this is a crowd pleaser. Watch instagram highlights for How-to, it's very helpful.

Good For: Sunday Dinner or a special meal. Because you are stuffing the meatballs with something, it takes slightly longer to form all of them. Also, a good marinara sauce should cook at least 45 min - 1 hour.


- 1 lb meat (of your choice)

- 1 fresh mozzarella, chopped into cubes

- 5 tbsp parsley (or a handful, not sure how to measure), chopped

- handful of basil, chopped

- 1 clove of garlic, minced

- 2 eggs, whisked

- salt/pepper/garlic powder

- 1 C Pecorino Romano cheese

- 1 C breadcrumbs


1) grease a pan with olive oil

2) combine all ingredients by hand

3) grab a 2 TBSP amount of meat mixture, and flatten into hand. place mozzarella on top and form into a ball around the mozzarella, place onto greased pan

4) put some olive oil on top of balls as well with a spoon or a brush 

5) BROIL in the oven until brown. once brown, flip over with a spoon and broil the other side

If you would like to make Spicy Marinara with this... Please see "Marinara Sauce" Post

Once you make your sauce and it is done simmering and turned OFF, place the meatballs in the sauce. Let sit for an hour or so in the room temperature sauce to add flavor. When ready to cook, simply heat up and serve over pasta. Remember to add extra basil!

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